2021 Bookish Thoughts and Blog Update:

Hello bookish friends! it’s been a very long time since I have updated this blog, and i’m fairly certain the last time I said that very sentence I made a declaration to be more consistent with posting (I think it’s fair to say that that did not happen). I wish I had a better reasonContinue reading “2021 Bookish Thoughts and Blog Update:”

Let’s Remove the Guilt from a Creative Slump

I was going to title this “Why I haven’t been active” but it felt too much like a “Why I Left Buzzfeed” video so we’re here instead! Hello, wonderful readers, writers, and bloggers alike! Long time no see from me as I realised my last post was way back in August. I have mentioned previouslyContinue reading “Let’s Remove the Guilt from a Creative Slump”

It’s Thriller (rec) Night

Despite being the self proclaimed Vamp queen I do read other genres beside fantasy and supernatural! Thrillers and mysteries are my secondary go to and because a few of you asked; here are some of my recommendations. If we’re being honest, thrillers have to be the most ‘hit or miss’ genre because it has toContinue reading “It’s Thriller (rec) Night”

My go to Rereads

Have you ever found yourself itching to get back to some of your favourite characters and story-worlds? So I recently saw Millie over at inkypaperpages write a post about the books that she keeps on rereading! As I was reading along my mind decided to picture my own bookshelves and well, it got me thinkingContinue reading “My go to Rereads”

Top 5 underrated favourites

Hello fellow readers! Recently I have been moving my bookshelves around and began thinking whether I wanted to organise them by authors, colour, genre, or by favourites (we all know the struggle). Well, I may have decided to go with genre but a few reads stood out to me for how underrated they are andContinue reading “Top 5 underrated favourites”