Reads of April 2020

It may not be Christmas but April is officially wrapped!

This site is first and foremost a book centric place. However with that being said I still think it’s fitting that I begin this post with a slight disclaimer. This past month has not been easy for anyone and 2020 will, I think, be forever marked by what has happened throughout this pandemic. It’s important to remember that just because it appears as though we have more free time at home, it’s still a crisis situation and therefore we should be gentle with ourselves and not expect too much from each-other. This time does not define our productivity or our self worth and we should continue to use it as a way to recuperate, be thankful, and be mindful of one another.

I guess I should say that this can still relate to reading. There seems to be an idea floating about the internet sphere that this is a time to read Everything you can get your hands on. I agree that books are the perfect escape and I have often found myself reaching for a new world between the pages; but it’s not the only coping mechanism, and it certainly is not a race. If this time period has taught me anything its to listen to my mind and body telling me what I truly need. I hope this helps anyone reading this who feels the pressure right now that it’s ok as can be and we’ll get through it.

So, are you wondering what books I actually did escape to last month? Well here they are!

  • The Near Witch by V.E. Schwab
  • White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin
  • Panic by Lauren Oliver
  • Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

The Near Witch I have already reviewed in full which you can find here but I will say that something Wiccan this way comes! This book is extremely fulfilling for when you are in a particularly witchy mood. The writing style of Schwab is extremely unique and as a fairly short standalone its a quick but beautiful read.

Switching tone completely (mood readers are you with me?) to White Hot Kiss which is a dark teen series by Armentrout featuring Gargoyles and Demons. This book gave me nostalgia for something I haven’t even read yet. I feel as though if I discovered this book in my actual teens I’d have quickly gone ‘Twihard’ levels of obsessed. It has a unique premise with the creatures that appear that I haven’t seen in YA before; it definitely adds to the questions surrounding morals and good vs evil you see in the likes of many YA (i’m reminded of the fallen angels trope). I’ve already picked up the sequel which is eyeing me up from the ever-spawning pile on the floor.

Ah here we go. Serpent & Dove has already become a fast favourite of the year for me. I guess I wasn’t ready to let go of the witchcraft mood that overcame me as this book focuses on Lou (a witch) who ends up in a marriage of convenience with non other than Reid; a witch hunter. This book has a witty, determined, strong willed feminist lead and a beautiful setting that gave me a longing to be staring out of a patisserie window onlooking France. This book also has mystery, a slow burn romance, a duel perspective narrative, and witches! Need I say more?

Moving on to Panic and another mood change (I think I give myself whiplash sometimes). This one features a game of only dares that competitors must overcome in order to be the last one standing and to win the accumulated money. It’s set in a small town and has all the small town cliches of secrets, gossip, and teenage drama. I won’t lie I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I was hoping I would – i think the reason was ultimately it became too predictable. However with that being said, it had an interesting portrayal of family dynamics and is still worth a read for when you’re in a competitive mood.

Something that wasn’t the least bit predictable however was Good Girl, Bad Blood the sequel to A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder (again you can find the full review for this book here). Initially I had some small reservations about this book as I didn’t know how it could possibly evolve from the first; but I was once again enthralled and encaptured into the world-wind that is Pip’s detective life. I would like to do a full review of this book so I am trying to keep this bit brief. If you want a hint though I did finish it in less than ten hours so it was definitely a page turner to say the least.

Although five may seem like only a few to some I am very pleased with what I managed this month. I can only anticipate what May has to offer and if my TBR is anything to go by… it could be a big month. I would love to know if you have read any of these books or if you intend to so let me know in the comments below!

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    1. I do highly recommend it! It was one of those books that just clicked with me! Thank you for reading and commenting 💛

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